Cyberpolish 900T series

Finishing machines


With the Cyberpolish T series transfer machines, Precitrame Machines brings together its expertise in two fields of excellence in a machine that combines high productivity and machining quality for finishing operations.

The Cyberpolish 900 T Series provides a multi-stations concept, enabling it to combine all the finishing operations, such as belt grinding, felting, polishing and buffing in a single machine. Depending on the application, the work can be carried out in a wet or vacuum environment.

The CyberMotion software provides a complete solution, allowing users to concentrate on their professional knowledge. This solution offers trajectory tracking with advanced modes and production control. Trajectory creation, simulation, setting and production control can be performed on a single interface.


With CyberMotion 5, you can access a new level of performance and simplicity:

  • New high-performance trajectory tracking kernel with 4 trajectory tracking modes, of which 2 are optional advanced modes
  • Integrated trajectory creation and modification module
  • Multi-robot control, up to 6 robots (5 working robots, one loading robot)
  • On-machine or off-line simulation
  • Robot axis speed validation
Technical data
Technical Data 920T / 940T


Grinding, lapping, belt grinding, polishing, buffing


2 / 4

Number of tools per station

1 or 2

Tool type

Belt, grinding wheel, buffer, disc, lapping plate


Automatically or manual

Fields of application

Watchmaking, electronics, medical, aeronautics, energy, etc.

Max. workpiece size

Ø160 mm  sphere

Max. workpiece weight

4 kg


Stäubli TX90


CyberMotion 5

Electrical supply

3x400V PE+N, 50/60 Hz, 32A,
3 kVA / 5 kVA

Noise level

< 75 dB

Physical cell dimensions

3’100 x 2’900 x 2'600 mm /  4’000 x 4'550 x 2’700 mm


2'500 kg / 4’000 kg


The machine integrates the latest security technologies. This allows at the same time a safe and convivial work.

Options and accessories

  • Automated loading cell

  • Numerically controlled spinning spindle with servo speed and position

  • Numerically controlled station rotatable base (7th axis)

  • Integrated measurement

  • Carding and wireless measurement

  • Inside walls cleaning with water curtains

  • ATEX suction

  • Intermediate cleaning station

  • Creation, modification and simulation on off-line station

  • Automatic tool and station calibration

  • Batch production monitoring and MO management

  • Two advanced trajectory tracking modes

Cyberpolish CP920T Cyberpolish CP940T

Cyberpolish CP920T

Most frequent applications

  • Watchmaking
  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Aeronautics
  • Energy

The advantages

  • High-productivity transfer solution
  • Multiple operations in a single clamping system
  • High-precision trajectory tracking
  • Setup un production on one user interface


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