From clock and watchmaking...

HorlogerieFounded in 1984, PRECITRAME SA evolved principally as a result of its activities in the microtechnology sector, as a supplier of watch movement blanks to the most prestigious brands in the industry.

In 1987, driven by the dynamics that this co-operation created, PRECITRAME began to develop its own CNC transfer machines and market them to the leading clock and watchmaking manufacturers in Switzerland.

Ten years later in 1997, the year that the Machines Division was created at PRECITRAME, we unveiled at the Hanover Fair a new all-CNC transfer machine model featuring a numerical table with an innovative palletisation system.

The machine's performance in terms of precision, flexibility and productivity, combined with its distinctive design, aroused the interest of several major groups from both the car industry and the telecommunications sector.

The requirements of these industries differ from those of the clock and watchmaking industry, principally in terms of component dimensions and manufacturing volumes, and in response to this PRECITRAME has succeeded in adapting its technology to these new markets.

In 2001, at the EMO, a new generation of highly innovative transfer machines received its world premiere.

Thanks to this new generation of machines, offering a unique combination of turning and 5 face machining, Precitrame Machines SA has brought a whole new perspective to the task of machining entire workpieces in one single clamping operation.


… to machine tools

Precitrame Machines SA is located in Tramelan in the heart of the Jura region, an area with a wide reputation as the center of microtechnology and high-precision engineering.

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Precitrame Machines SA was founded in 2001 as a result of the demerger of the Microtechnology and Machines Divisions from PRECITRAME SA.

The creation of this new, independent entity, supported by a dynamic and versatile mechanical engineering department, has facilitated the growth of the company's machine manufacturing operations.


Today, Precitrame Machines SA focuses its activities on the development and design of CNC transfer machines and polishing machines.

MTR312 Cybderpolish 900T series

The future of the transfer machine

Thanks to its all-electric, all-numerical design philosophy, Precitrame's future solutions will have an unbeatable cost/performance ratio compared with conventional machining centers and will guarantee a level of flexibility that has never been achieved with traditional transfer machines.

Precitrame MTR 415

Precitrame transfer machines meet the high volume, high-tech demands of such sectors as the car industry, the clock and watchmaking industry and the telecommunications industry, sectors where new product cycles are so short that companies have to bring their product to market very quickly.


CNC transfer technology will continue to evolve and will become more and more associated with advanced technologies, such as metal injection or MIM (Metal Injection Molding), where it will carry out all sorts of high-precision operations at a high rate of productivity.

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